The Anger – Gans GmbH produces all kinds of ceramic pictures/transfers through out a large firing temperature window. Starting at the lowest temperature for glass products of (470C-650C) then ceramic, enamel and Bone China (660C – 900C) as well as hard Porcelain (850C – 1350C).

Unleaded and Cadmium free colours are available on request further more we can produce nearly photo – realistic four- colour- prints (480C – 920C ) are possible.

We manufacture in an area of about 1000 m². The production area is arranged to give a compact and logical high flow of information at all times throughout the printing process from Studio to Machine and Final Inspection..

Anger – Gans GmbH has decades of experience in processing noble metals for Glass and Porcelain(glance or dull-gold-systems as well as single-fire-prints for the dull-glance-relief-effect).

The company has Three fully automatic cylinder printing machines which enable printing to take place on paper sheet sizes 50 x 70cm or 60 x 80cm.Our semi-automatic printing facility expands the range of formats to include 35 x 50cm.

This diversity of sheet format ensures an optimal sheet utilization for low quantities of serial decorations, Commercial production or Vignettes and logo,s for Hotels and Catering Industries.